NDI10: Digital Participation, 5th National Digital Inclusion Conference, Vinopolis Conference Centre, London, 10th-11th March 2010

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Wednesday 10th March, Vinopolis
10.15am Conference Introduction and Welcome
Matthew Taylor,
Chief Executive, RSA

Helen Milner,
Managing Director, UK online centres

10.30am Opening Plenary Session (Mezzanine)
Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, RSA

Video message by Rt Hon Gordon Brown

Stephen Timms MP,
Minister for Digital Britain

Martha Lane Fox,
Chairman, Digital Inclusion Taskforce

Jim Knight MP,
Department for Work and Pensions

11.30am Coffee Break
12.00am Cross Party Question Panel

Chair: Matthew Taylor,
Chief Executive RSA

Derek Wyatt

Baroness Warsi

Lembit Opik

(Lib Dem)
Tom Wright,
Chief Executive, AgeUK Group

Stewart Purvis,
Partner for Content and Standards, Ofcom
1.00pm Lunch and Exhibition (Great Halls)
Thursday 11th March 2010, Vinopolis
9.30am Plenary Session A private sector approach to leveraging technology for social change

Matthew Taylor (Chair),
Chief Executive, RSA

Nick Clegg MP
Pre-recorded interview

Jonathan Welfare,
Chair, Nominet Trust

Rebecca Masisak,
Co-Ceo, Techsoup Global

Tristan Wilkinson,
Inclusion Lead, Intel
10.45am Coffee Break
2.00pm Workstream Feedback Plenary (Mezzanine)

Chair: Matthew Taylor,
Chief Executive, RSA

Helen Milner,
Managing Director, UK online centres

Stephen Burns,
Community Services Director, Peabody

Mike Hoban,
Communications Director, Directgov

Bob Gann,
Director of Strategy and Engagement, NHS Choices

3.00pm Coffee Break
3.30pm Closing Plenary Session (Mezzanine)

Chair: Matthew Taylor

Pre-recorded address by David Cameron MP

Jeremy Hunt MP,
Shadow Minister for Digital Britain

David Dinsdale,
Director, Business Link

Professor Tanya Byron

4.30pm Chairs Closing Comments (Mezzanine)

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